PreVisor’s New Contact Center Solution

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<strong>Atlanta &mdash; Jan. 28</strong><br />PreVisor, the leader in employment assessments and selection solutions that connect employer&rsquo;s hiring decisions to business results, announced the release of a new Contact Center Solution designed to meet the complex challenges of agent selection, performance and retention.<br /> <br />PreVisor&rsquo;s Contact Center Solution is a holistic assessment of key contact center competencies that impact performance metrics, including customer service ratings, average handle time, quality assurance, agent-adherence to policy, cross-selling and 90-day post-hire retention. <br /> <br />&ldquo;PreVisor&rsquo;s assessment content has been used by organizations to improve upon common contact center challenges, such as turnover and customer satisfaction, for more than 20 years. By applying years of research and assessment expertise, we&rsquo;ve constructed an assessment solution that accurately identifies the candidates who are most likely to be high performers and stay on the job longer. This translates into improvements to the bottom line and a measurable ROI for call center operations within any industry.&rdquo; explained Noel Sitzmann, CEO, PreVisor. &ldquo;This innovative solution delivers enhanced features and introduces highly predictive content, such as dynamically presented cognitive ability measurements, virtual contact center scenarios and a retention predictor.&rdquo;<br /> <br />Large contact center employers from various industries, including travel and tourism, telecom and insurance, among others, contributed to the development of the final solution. &ldquo;By validating the content within actual call centers, we maintain the highest quality standards and ensure that only the most predictive content is retained for the final solution release,&rdquo; said Dr. Mike Fetzer, vice president of content development for PreVisor. He added, &ldquo;Realistic screening and assessment can significantly increase the quality of the candidates that make it to the next stage in the selection process and ultimately improve overall performance of the operation.&rdquo; <br /> <br />As with all PreVisor&rsquo;s selection solutions, candidate scores are presented through real-time, stack-ranked reports and can be integrated with applicant tracking or other HRIS systems.<br />

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