Preventing Cheating on Certification Exams

Unfortunately, it’s a given fact that some aspiring IT professionals will resort to underhanded, unlawful means to receive certification credentials — especially in today’s cutthroat job market. As a result, legitimate certification holders and employers are substantially disadvantaged.

However, a leading software company has adopted a proactive stance to curb cheating on certification exams.

“As stakeholders in a large program, we have a big interest in [preventing cheating] in order to protect our credentials,” said Paul Sorensen, director of global certification programs at Oracle.

Though most cases of cheating are intentional, there are some candidates awaiting certification who cheat inadvertently.

“Some people don’t understand they’re cheating sometimes, and I don’t think some people understand they’re facilitating cheating,” Sorensen said. “A good example of this is when people [innocently ask], ‘Hey, what’s on the test? You took it.’”

While it appears that cheaters themselves have something to gain, Sorensen said he can’t understand why legitimate certification holders would choose to publicize exam content.

“A lot of times people give [information] away on brain dump sites, and I think that’s absolutely stupid on the part of people taking the test,” Sorensen said. “If they’ve earned the credentials and they share the information with other people, then they’re actually turning around and giving away part of the value of their credential. Why would you shoot yourself in the foot? It’s very shortsighted for people to put information voluntarily on dump sites.”

Furthermore, cheating puts employers at a disadvantage since companies…

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