Press Pass: Lighting up at Red Hat, Somali pirates and more

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Certification Magazine Aug. 28

Welcome to the latest installment of Press Pass, where CertMag blows through as many industry press releases, blogs, dispatches, messages in a bottle, etc., as we can fit in one post. We’ve got the highlights and you can click thru straight to the horse’s mouth for more information.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em: Red Hat is wearing more, um, hats than ever these days, adding at least two new certifications since last we checked. You need not express a preference for filtered or unfiltered, or demonstrate your knowledge of desert mammals, to earn your Certificate of Expertise in Camel Development.

The company is also blowing its stack about the new Certificate of Expertise in Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), an Windows 7 Home Basic Clave OpenStack cert that will certify professionals to “create, configure and manage private clouds” using Red Hat’s OpenStack platform.

New Top Gun at VMware: The director who turned Tom Cruise into a megastar is not changing career paths (or returning from the dead). But virtualization and cloud tech giant VMware — which, among other things, deploys a range of specialized certifications has got its own Great Scott.

VMware introduced former Microsoft VP/CIO Tony Scott (same name as Ridley’s brother, who ended his life by jumping from the Vincent Thomas Bridge in Los Angeles last year) as its own new VP/CIO earlier this week.

Technology without borders: Representatives from tech companies and professional tech organizations are making their voices heard in Washington, D.C. CompTIA reports that groups from more than a dozen U.S. states are badgering congressional movers and shakers to advance the cause of immigration reform.

Troubled waters: IT governance group ISACA is turning to a hands-on, real-world problem solver to keynote its North America Information Security and Risk Management conference in Las Vegas later this year. Richard Phillips, commander of the U.S.-flagged merchanter Maersk Alabama, gained world renown fourWindows 7 Professional SP1 Clave years ago by saving his ship from Somali pirates.

Phillips is also the subject of a Columbia Pictures high seas thriller starring Tom Hanks that opens Oct. 11. Conference attendees will have ample opportunity to see the movie, then go meet the man.

I’ll have a Big Mac with fries and a cert: It’s going to be a while before Cisco gets to the trademark “billions and billions served” level of McDonald’s, but multiple millions of certs issued is an entirely respectable landmark. (No word on who the lucky 2-millionth customer is, or whether he/she gets a year of free groceries, or maybe 12 months’ free cloud coverage.)

Cisco is also celebrating the 20-year anniversary of its popular CCIE certification. (That’s emeralds for all you tradition sticklers who want to give the right gift.)

Turning the page: There’s also a milestone mindset at (ISC)2 the nonprofit cybersecurity industry association that sponsors chapters around the globe, and recently initiated its 100th chapter, with the launch of a new group in San Diego.

(ISC)2 is also expanding its network of testing centers in the United Kingdom, in collaboration with test administrator Pearson VUE.

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