Press Pass: Digital literacy, backstabbing at Twitter and more

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Certification Magazine — Oct. 14, 2013

Welcome to the latest installment of Press Pass, where CertMag blows through as many industry press releases, blogs, dispatches, messages in a bottle, etc., as we can fit in one post. We’ve got the highlights and you can click thru straight to the horse’s mouth for more information.

Certification vacation: Yeah, we know, business is work, not play. Except what about when business happens at the Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas? That’s where AccessData, the Utah-based digital forensics company that issues the AccessData Certified Examiner (ACE) credential, will be holding its annual AccessData User Conference next year. ADUC 2014 is currently accepting submissions from experts interested in speaking at the event, and conference registration is available as well.

Sprechen sie IT?: Technology is like the ocean lapping against the beach of modern life — it comes in waves, and the next wave is never very far behind the one that just rolled past your ankles. The British Computer Society, in hopes of helping more people stay afloat, and maybe even learn to swim, launched a Digital Literacy for Life initiative Oct. 1. The term “digital literacy” may have a self-explanatory ring to some, but the BCS clarified its intention last week, just in case. A statement from the group spearheading the initiative reads in part, “Digital literacy is about being able to make use of technologies to participate in and contribute
to modern social, cultural, political and economic life.” Now grab those tablets and smartphones, people. Surf’s up!

Save the trees: Would you like that as a JPEG or PDF? In a move designed to serve certification seekers faster, that will also likely reduce paperwork and paper waste, Oracle Certification announced last week that it will begin issuing electronic certification credentials to all individuals who successfully complete one of the company’s many certification exams. Oracle certification candidates will have the option to download an “e-certificate” immediately upon completion of all certificaiton requirements. Paper certifications may still be requested, and will arrive via regular mail.

Where do you want to plug a hole today?: It’s probably not quite as momentous as when Jabba the Hutt had to open up his checkbook for Boba Fett. Last last week, however, Microsoft announced that it had shelled out six figures to cybersecurity guru James Forshaw, head of vulnerability research at a London-based security consulting firm. The intrepid cybersearcher banked the big bounty for identifying a Windows vulnerability, and recently grabbed another several Gs for swatting some bugs in a prerelease version of Internet Explorer 11.

Hackers on the doorstep: Cybersneaks may be spending a lot of time probing for backdoor flaws in your digital security perimeter, but the front door just might be your company’s biggest security breach. The actual, physical, IRL front door, that is — the one your employees walk through every day with their personal tablets, smartphones and laptops. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) exposure is a current hot topic, and EC-Council, which issues the popular Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification, has some ideas for beleaguered CIOs in a new blog post at the EC-Council site.

Coming to the Oscars in 2015: Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg may soon have some company in the annals of cinema: Twitter founder Jack Dorsey comes in for some decidedly unfavorable scrutiny in a new book due out in early November. Can the movie version be far behind? Hatching Twitter: A True Story of Money, Power, Friendship, and Betrayal by New York Times reporter Nick Bilton alleges that Dorsey was particularly petty in his treatment of Twitter co-founder Noah Glass (credit melissa). Was Glass the Eduardo Saverin to Dorsey’s Zuckerberg? It’s probably thanks largely to David Fincher’s Oscar-winning The Social Network that even non-techies can readily process that comparison.

Editor’s Note: Today marks a passing of the baton, the first Press Pass to be handled by new CertMag affiliate Fida Reeder. Welcome, Fida.

FIDA REEDER is a journalist and writer with experience in both print and web publications. E-mail her at fidareeder (at) gmail (dot) com.

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Fida Reeder


FIDA REEDER is a journalist and writer with experience in both print and web publications. E-mail her at fidareeder (at) gmail (dot) com.

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