Press Pass: Ask for (and get) a raise, fathoming SDN and more

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Welcome to the latest installment of Press Pass, where CertMag blows through as many industry press releases, blogs, dispatches, messages in a bottle, etc., as we can fit in one post. We’ve got the highlights and you can click thru straight to the horse’s mouth for more information.

Taking IT to the troops: There are many programs in place to help U.S. veterans who have completed their military service get IT training, IT certifications and, eventually, IT jobs. Now Prometric is breaking ground with a new program to help men and women serving in the armed forces forge an IT future while still in uniform. The new program, which is also available to veterans, combines college credt with an internet-based exam, Fundamentals of Cybersecurity. With the IT security field booming, it’s a strong opportunity for active-duty military personnel to get an early start on the next stage of their lives.

Campus certification connection: Speaking of cybersecurity and college credit, a growing number of universities and colleges are bringing certs into their classrooms. The newest to pick up the trend is the University of South Florida, which recently announced a partnership with security-focused IT industry association (ISC)2, which administers a handful of widely respected cybersecurity certs. Under the new arrangement, USF will begin offering advanced cybesecurity training to prepare students to earn (ISC)2’s Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) credential upon graduation.

Get schooled in OpenStack: As long as we’re on the topic of ever-expanding IT opportunities for college and high school students, this is a good moment to mention Red Hat Academy. A longtime program to take Linux training into schools, Red Hat Academy has now been given a dramatic makeover. The new-and-improved Red Hat Academy (administered by enterprise computing giant Red Hat), incorporates the OpenStack cloud computing project (which involves Red Hat and many other than 200 other corporate partners) and brings students up to speed on a variety of computing technologies. Courseware, including textbooks, quizzes and certification exams, has been overhauled and expanded.

One for the money: That awkward moment when your boss says, “What did you want to see me about?” and every possible combination of words containing the essential message “please give me a raise” flies straight out of your head. You know? CompTIA blogger Janet Pinkerton stepped into that void last month with some helpful suggestions for how to begin this particular crucial conversation. And if you’re wondering whether it’s a good time to be talking about dollars and cents, CompTIA can help out there as well: The leading IT industry association recently released its IT trends report for 2014.

The cert’s in the mail: Actually, no it isn’t. Or at least not if you’re expecting it from Oracle Certification. OC announced late last year that if was making a program-wide shift to issuing certificates by e-mail. Some cert candidates it would seem, have not yet gotten the message, prompting a reminder last week that paper certifications are only available from Oracle via special request. Unless you’d like to print your own, in which case the mailbox to be watching is the inbox that you used to sign up for Oracle’s CertView portal for certification candidates. Your eCertificate may already have arrived.

You must unlearn what you have learned: It’s not every day that a Jedi Master helps break down changes in the ever-changing IT world. On the other hand, there are some things in life that handle you cannot, unless learn to embrace new technology you do. With a little help from the resident IT guru of Dagobah, blogger Scott Morris tackles the rapidly evolving landscape of Sotware Defined Networking (SDN) at Cisco Learning Network’s VIP Perspectives blog. It’s an SDN double bill, actually, at the Cisco Learning Network Drive-In this week. SDN is also the focus of a new post at the Certifications for Success blog.

TESTING, TESTING — Exam opportunities

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