Premiere Global Launches Communications Center

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<p><strong>Atlanta &mdash; April 11</strong><br />Premiere Global Services Inc., a global provider of on-demand communication technologies-based business process improvement solutions, has announced the Learning Communications Center, a comprehensive, one-stop solution for continuing education and e-learning providers to enroll, evaluate, accredit and track participation in online education programs. </p><p>One of hundreds of industry-specific applications within Premiere Global&rsquo;s Communications Operating System (PGiCOS), the Learning Communications Center simplifies the e-learning experience by allowing busy professionals to obtain professional accreditations in a self-service, customer-branded and customer-managed Web site.<br /><br />&ldquo;Faced with the challenge of providing sufficient educational content to our employees in an extremely fast-paced work environment, we needed a cost-effective platform that could scale to accommodate our internal and geographical growth,&rdquo; said Erik Ristuben, Commission Junction business manager&nbsp; of training services. &ldquo;The Learning Communications Center enables us to create and manage on-demand, easily accessible training seminars that result in an increase in employee productivity and efficiency, while at the same time decreasing our costs.&rdquo;<br /><br />The Learning Communications Center, as part of the PGiCOS, enables businesses to automate, simplify and improve their communication-centric business processes. </p><p>Through the Learning Communications Center, providers invite participants to scheduled classes whether live, recorded or via teleseminar. </p><p>The solution supports fee-based registration with full e-commerce capabilities, making it easy to track enrollment. </p><p>In addition, the Learning Center contains an integrated testing module with instant certification delivery to accredit participants once they meet the necessary requirements. </p><p>The application includes built-in reporting features to easily monitor revenue trends by course to help continuing education and e-learning providers make better-informed decisions about future programming.<br /><br />&ldquo;Continuing education is necessary for all professionals to stay abreast of their current industry, and in many cases, it is mandated by professional organizations and accrediting entities,&quot; said Charles King, Premiere Global Marketing director of marketing, conferencing solutions. &quot;With busy schedules and time constraints, it is increasingly difficult for professionals to make time for an on-site, classroom-based course. With the Learning Communications Center, Premiere Global offers continuing education and e-learning providers a turnkey solution that includes the comprehensive tools they need to reach and educate busy professionals through multiple delivery mediums, including audio and Web conferencing, teleseminars and podcasts.&rdquo;</p>

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