PPS International, BMW Team Win PRISM Award

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<p><strong>Atlanta &mdash; June 5</strong><br />The Georgia Coach Association has awarded BMW Manufacturing its 2007 PRISM Award for implementing a coaching process that builds leadership, improves retention, boosts morale, strengthens communications, solidifies teams and enhances productivity.<br /><br />The coaching process, designed by Kelly Fairbairn, president of PPS International (a consulting firm specializing in instructional design and leadership development) and Sandra Hayes, BMW Manufacturing section manager of learning and development, employs many features that provide extraordinary results:</p><ul><li>Coaching is available to all levels of the BMW organization.</li><li>The process is purely results-based and is nonpunitive.<br /></li><li>Only pre-screened, external coaches are used.<br /></li><li>The process begins with an anonymous 360 assessment.<br /></li><li>The immediate manager of the coachee is part of the process.</li></ul><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&quot;We knew we needed maximum effectiveness, so we built a model that not only produces results but also is attractive to potential coachees,&quot; Fairbairn said. &quot;After all, no model, no matter how well-designed, will work if the people who need coaching feel intimidated by the process.&quot;<br /><br />Hayes agrees. </p><p>&quot;We work in a manufacturing environment where change is a way of life, and people of very different cultures and languages must work in teams,&quot; she said. &quot;Coaching both brings our workforce into alignment and does it with minimal impact to hectic schedules.&quot;<br /><br />The bottom line is results, and BMW feels it is getting them &mdash; in a recent ROI study, BMW reported a hard-dollar savings achieved through a reduction in the number of issues reported and less time spent in meetings. </p><p>Also cited were an 83 percent improvement in teamwork, a 74 percent reduction in conflict and similar results in customer satisfaction, cross-functionality and communication.<br /><br />&quot;Overall, we are very pleased to have our client win the PRISM Award,&quot; Fairbairn said. &quot;We are also grateful to BMW for placing their trust in PPS International. This award is a true win-win.&quot;</p>

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