POST Logs More Than 13,000 Peace Officer Users

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<p><strong>Salt Lake City &mdash; Oct. 31</strong><br />Finding time to train is difficult, especially when you are a peace officer in a remote area, but that is changing with the introduction of a learning portal and online training from Allen. In fact, since the portal began operation two years ago, almost 13,500 users have taken the training in the Allen portal.<br /><br />Before the portal was introduced in 2005, only a few thousand CD-ROM training courses had been completed in the seven years since its unveiling. This was largely due to trouble ordering the CD-ROMs, equipment malfunctions, or the misplacement or damage of existing disks. POST came to Allen to discover a better way to provide quality training to its large widely dispersed peace officers.<br /><br />Through a thorough needs analysis of POST&rsquo;s challenges, Allen created a learning portal that could manage the 90,000-plus possible users by tracking courses taken and learning assessments. Then Allen converted three CD-ROM of POST&rsquo;s highest-demand training courses &mdash; Communications, First-Aid, and Terrorism &mdash; to Web-based versions, enabling learners to take the courses on their own, whenever and wherever they have access to the Internet.  <br /><br />&ldquo;Agencies find the portal and online training courses convenient. The most popular reason users like online training is the ability to return and finish it later without losing their place,&rdquo; states Richard Dunn, senior instructional systems engineer of POST in California. &ldquo;It is hard for peace officers to take several hours out of their schedule for training, and this approach lets them do it when they have down time.&rdquo; <br /><br />Based on the success of this portal and the popularity of taking courses online, Allen and POST are in the process of creating a Search Warrant training prototype. This prototype could help POST receive much needed government grant money to develop an online course helping officers generate effective search warrants in less time.<br /><br />&ldquo;The use of technology for the deployment of more effective training is a must,&rdquo; states Ron Zamir, CEO of Allen. &ldquo;Allen specializes in providing custom solutions that go beyond the product-based course management solutions.&rdquo; </p>

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