Post-Holiday Blues and How to Cope

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Wow, it’s Monday already. Hope your Thanksgiving was awesome, and that you’re seamlessly moving back into your day-to-day job tasks. If you’re like a lot of people, though, you might not be getting back into the swing of things just yet. Perhaps you feel a little sluggish and dazed, or maybe you’re confused and stressed out already. Whatever the case, there are some steps you can take to get right down to business following some extended time off. With even more holidays on the horizon, it might be beneficial to take the following into consideration in the future.


Make a List (and Check It Twice)
It’s easy to space out on tasks when you’ve been out of the office for a few days, especially if you went out of town or did something especially eventful. Try to anticipate what you’ll have to do when you get back, and condense it all in a list before you leave. Then, take this register and put it in a place where you’ll see it first thing when you return. It will be far easier to follow a written set of instructions (particularly one you’ve prepared for yourself) instead of trying to recall from memory all of your imminent responsibilities from one or two weeks beforehand.


Don’t Overload Yourself on Your Arrival
A nice and easy approach to resumption of work will be beneficial to your disposition. If you can, try to limit yourself to a handful of simple, straightforward assignments for at least the first day or two at the office after your vacation. Otherwise, all of the amity and vigor you built up during your absence might be used up very quickly.


View Your Return as a Homecoming of Sorts
Most people probably don’t look forward to going back to work after a little R&R. Your job might involve some drudgery, monotonous routine and seemingly trifling tasks—most jobs do, to some extent. Yet it’s also familiar, something you’re intimately associated with. In this way, it’s like returning to an old friend. All right, so maybe this one’s a stretch, but at least you’ve got a job to go back to, right?

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