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“Who am I, anyway?
Am I my resume?”

If you’re a fan of good theater or bad movies, you might recognize those lines from “A Chorus Line,” sung by a would-be actor pleading for a casting director’s attention. You don’t have to sing or dance to understand the feelings behind them: There’s more to a successful professional than acronyms and degrees. The certified professional who doesn’t know himself or herself–the strengths, the weaknesses, the ability to distinguish between the two–is destined for trouble.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a prelude to group therapy or discussions about the various ways mothers influence children of all ages; you can work those issues out on your own. Instead, I thought I’d show you a snapshot that’s representative of the bigger IT picture, so you can determine where you fit in the IT infrastructure.

As many of you know, we’ve created the CertMag 500, a board of CertMag readers that assists us in evaluating and reviewing IT software and solutions. Looking at data on the general membership, it’s easy to see that the CertMag 500 is representative of the CertMag readership, which is a fair representation of the IT industry in general.

So, who are you? Benchmark yourself against these numbers:



  • Most of you have been in IT for a while, with 81 percent in the industry for more than five years.
  • A large number of you have a ton of certs (21 percent reported six or more credentials), but the lion’s share of respondents, 74 percent, has between one and five certifications.
  • You’re a powerful group, with 33 percent of you involved in purchasing between $500,000 and $25 million worth of products and services annually.
  • You work in every major industry classification; our CertMag 500 board represents all industries fairly evenly. Not surprisingly, the biggest buckets of professionals by industry belong to education, consulting and government.
  • CertMag 500 members work for companies of all sizes, with 21 percent employed by companies that make more than $1 billion annually and 21 percent by companies making less than $1 million annually. The rest are split fairly evenly between those goalposts.


I realize this data only scratches the surface of your careers, but hopefully it’s enough for you to see the whole puzzle, and how your little piece completes the picture. Benchmarking is a good tool to keep us on track, but it’s also an important tool for career navigation. Once you know where you are, you get a much better idea of where to go next.

Tim Sosbe
Editorial Director


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