PNL Offers Advanced Logistics Services

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<p><strong>Seoul, South Korea &mdash; Dec. 12</strong><br />PNL Networks Co. Ltd. (PNL), the technology arm of global logistics service provider PNL Group, announced it has contracted with Savi Networks to enable PNL to offer its customers advanced logistics services, based on wireless monitoring technology. The contract calls on Savi Networks to provide the SaviTrak information service to monitor, in real time, container shipments filled with products such as liquid crystal display (LCD) television screens that are transported across more than two dozen trade lanes spanning the globe. <br /><br />SaviTrak empowers users to more effectively manage the physical execution of their supply chains by providing actionable information in real time. SaviTrak processes real-time data feeds from wireless monitoring technologies, on the location, security status and environmental status of shipments.<br /><br />&ldquo;PNL serves the complex logistics needs of major multinational shippers in the electronics, telecommunications, automotive and consumer products industries,&rdquo; said Ji Lee, president, PNL Networks. &ldquo;In addition to providing us with a competitive edge, SaviTrak will help us to address vital security concerns by sharing better and timelier information with our customers and potentially government officials, such as customs authorities.&rdquo;<br /><br />&ldquo;With SaviTrak, PNL and its customers can instantly access critical, decision-support information on their global shipments,&rdquo; said Chee Kean Lim, senior vice president, international, of Savi Networks LLC. &ldquo;Our relationship with PNL is strategically important given PNL&rsquo;s position as a leading logistics service provider in a key region for international trade.&rdquo;<br /><br />The contract enables PNL to utilize the most appropriate wireless data capture device from the family of technologies offered by Savi Networks. SaviTrak transforms the data into actionable information that enables PNL to optimize the transport of shipments according to the needs of individual customers through specific trade lanes. </p>

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