Plexus Scientific, HandySoft Join Forces to Planning

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<p><strong> Vienna, Va. &mdash; June 11</strong><br />HandySoft Global Corp., a provider of business process management (BPM) solutions, and Plexus Scientific Corp., an experience-based consulting firm that delivers outcomes advancing federal business processes, have partnered to help government agencies automate and streamline succession planning while building a repository of organizational knowledge.<br /><br />With large numbers of baby boomers reaching retirement age, organizations are facing mounting pressures to fill the impending personnel and knowledge void. </p><p>According to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management&#39;s (OPM) 2006 Federal Human Capital Survey, 60 percent of the federal workforce is eligible to retire over the next 10 years. </p><p>In a November 2006 report, Aberdeen Group stated that although organizations know succession planning is essential today, only 7 percent of companies have fully automated and integrated succession planning processes.<br /><br />&quot;Succession planning, workforce development and knowledge management should be woven within the fabric of the organization as part of the organization&#39;s human capital strategy,&quot; said Dr. Jay Liebowitz, recently cited as one of the top three knowledge management/intellectual capital researchers worldwide. &quot;The government, at all levels (federal, state and local), as well as many industry sectors, are facing knowledge retention and succession planning challenges worldwide.&quot;<br /><br />Plexus Scientific has worked closely with several large federal agencies, including the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), to develop methodologies and processes crucial to a successful succession planning initiative. </p><p>These components include assessing current workforce competencies, implementing recruitment and retention programs, linking succession planning to HR processes, extracting knowledge from existing workers and building a knowledge repository. </p><p>Plexus has partnered with HandySoft to leverage HandySoft&#39;s BPM platform, BizFlow, to streamline and optimize these processes. </p><p>Together, the two organizations will deliver a comprehensive succession planning solution that combines Plexus&#39; proven methodology with HandySoft&#39;s award-winning BPM platform.<br /><br />&quot;After a thorough evaluation of BPM vendors, we are pleased to be working exclusively with HandySoft to achieve our vision of an automated approach to succession planning,&quot; said Michael Reingruber, Plexus Scientific group vice president. &quot;HandySoft has all of the attributes of a great partner: a strong product offering, an impressive federal install base, a visionary management team and a true understanding of the innovative solutions required by the government.&quot;<br /><br />Jim Worley, HandySoft chief operating officer, agrees. &nbsp;<br /><br />&quot;We are pleased to be teaming with Plexus to deliver the first process-driven framework to help overcome the &#39;brain drain&#39; challenge in the federal government,&quot; Worley said. &quot;This is a perfect partnership in terms of synergies.&nbsp; Plexus has the expertise in developing processes crucial to a successful succession planning initiative, and HandySoft offers software for streamlining and automating these processes. A leader in the succession planning arena, Plexus has honed its expertise through close collaboration with government agencies to analyze and define a methodology to retain and maximize knowledge resources.&quot;</p>

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