Playing Embedded Videos Using Firefox 3

Q: I recently began using Mozilla Firefox 3 to browse the Web on my Windows XP machine at work. Unfortunately, now I’m unable to watch videos that are embedded in Web pages using Windows Media Player. What’s causing this, and how can I fix it?

A: The most likely reason Mozilla Firefox 3 does not play your embedded videos using Windows Media Player is because Firefox requires an additional plug-in for non-Microsoft browsers, known as the “Security Update for Windows Media Player Plug-in.”

Microsoft issued the plug-in to protect against security vulnerability with Windows Media Player when used in non-Microsoft browsers. Windows Media Player works seamlessly with the Internet Explorer, but has compatibility issues with other browsers without the additional plug-in. It is possible that the plug-in is missing or not working properly with your Firefox 3 installation.

First, check to make sure you have an updated version of Windows Media Player installed on your machine. You should at least have version 10 or 11 installed. To check your current version, open Windows Media Player, right-click on the title bar, click “Help” then go to “About Windows Media Player.” Having a current version is important because newer browsers may have compatibility problems with older versions of Windows Media Player, and you will not be able to install the additional plug-in. If you are not running a current version, you can get the latest update by using Windows Update. For help with Windows Update, visit

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