Plateau’s iContent Expands Features, Functionality

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<p><strong>Chicago &mdash; Oct. 12 </strong><br />Plateau Systems, a provider of talent management software, content and services, announced at the HR Technology Conference and Exposition that it has significantly expanded the functionality, features and footprint of its iContent solution.  <br /><br />iContent is a Web-based, one-stop shop solution for purchasing, distributing, hosting and managing third-party packaged and custom-developed talent management content.  <br /><br />In addition to increased content management and entitlement security capabilities, the company will announce three new iContent features:<br /></p><ul><li>Course Preview, which will allow users to view a snippet of course content before they purchase</li><li>iContent Flex Card, which acts as a debit card for purchasing content via the iContent portal</li><li>Custom Course Upload, which allows iContent users to upload custom content developed for their specific organization</li></ul><p> </p><p> iContent&rsquo;s enhanced entitlement security will allow administrators to view and manage all usage information for their organization&rsquo;s custom and commercial content from a single centralized location.  <br /><br />By restricting content access to authorized individuals, iContent entitlement protects an organization&rsquo;s proprietary, often competitive, content by preventing unauthorized users from viewing, accessing, copying or sharing it without permission.  <br /><br />Plateau also has added Course Preview and Custom Course Upload features to iContent. <br /><br />Course Preview allows users to preview or &ldquo;test drive&rdquo; course content before they purchase to ensure that it meets their learning, training, and development needs. <br /><br />The Custom Course Upload feature allows iContent users to host and manage their custom content in the iContent infrastructure. <br /><br />Once uploaded to iContent, these courses are tested and integrated into the customer&rsquo;s learning management system (LMS). <br /><br />Customers who do not have an LMS can select the iContent e-learning delivery system during the checkout process, which will allow them to access their courses from through a limited-use, hosted version of Plateau&rsquo;s LMS.  <br /><br />This provides a flexible, cost-effective way for smaller organizations and business units with limited budgets to purchase, access, track and report on learning and training activities material on an as needed basis without having to purchase or deploy a full-fledged LMS.</p>

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