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<strong>Arlington, Va. &mdash; Oct. 23 </strong><br />Plateau Systems, a provider of talent management software, content and services, today announced Plateau Schedule Builder&trade;, enabling customers for the first time to build efficient training schedules based on training demands and available resources. This innovative solution simplifies the allocation and scheduling of assets to support organizations&rsquo; complex talent management needs, saving time and money traditionally spent coordinating and managing various resources, such as instructors, simulators, classrooms or equipment.<br /><br />With today&rsquo;s organizations more focused than ever before on aligning their training and development efforts with their company&rsquo;s business strategy, employee training is becoming increasingly critical to an organization&rsquo;s overall talent management strategy. In fact, according to Bersin and Associates, North American organizations spend more than $55 billion on training every year, with large organizations spending even more.<br /><br />Complex, highly distributed organizations often face unique challenges around coordinating and managing the many assets, locations or personnel required to support their training activities. Until now, they have been forced to rely on static approaches like whiteboards and spreadsheets to manage training scheduling. These approaches are limited in their ability to model resource use and they lack the flexibility necessary for adapting to changes that arise after creation of the original schedule. <br /><br />Using Plateau Schedule Builder, organizations can create, maintain and ensure the accuracy of training scenarios. Taking into account various parameters and assumptions for demand and resource constraints, Plateau Schedule Builder dynamically generates multiple scenarios, which users can review and compare, ultimately selecting the one that best meets their training and organizational needs. Once the customer selects a scenario, Plateau Schedule Builder automatically adds the scheduled offering to Plateau&rsquo;s Learning Management System (LMS), where it is made available to users. Users can then enroll in the offerings following standard business processes directly through their LMS.<br /><br />Plateau Schedule Builder identifies scenarios that utilize the fewest resources (instructors, locations, etc.), over the shortest amount of time and with the least number of training hours. It then prioritizes training needs, so that critical training demands take importance over less essential items. This allows customers to identify organizational goals, such as cost or utilization, and then allocate training demands accordingly. Organizations can also create multiple long-term schedules or scenarios that span any duration, from weeks to years, so that they balance the needs of different groups with the capacity and availability of training resources, increase scheduling efficiencies and decrease the number of times users reactively adjust schedules.<br /><br />With Plateau Schedule Builder, users can more effectively manage and allocate training resources across the entire organization. By increasing the efficiency of creating and managing training scenarios, Plateau Schedule Builder helps customers expedite goal achievement and increase the effectiveness of other components within their talent management strategy, including performance, compensation, and career and succession planning.<br /><br />&ldquo;Large organizations are continually grappling with complex training schedules that span various groups and require numerous resources, and until now, no automated solution has been available to meet their demands,&rdquo; said Paul Sparta, Chairman and CEO of Plateau. &ldquo;Plateau is committed to simplifying these intricate processes, so that our customers can save time and money coordinating and managing all of the moving parts required to meet their training needs. With Plateau Schedule Builder, organizations can now proactively balance corporate constraints with training demands, prioritizing the most important items and create long-term plans that help them meet their overall corporate talent management objectives. This is the first time organizations have access to this level of coordination and management, as Plateau continues to lead the industry in customer support and innovation.&rdquo;<br /><br />Plateau Schedule Builder is immediately available for customers who have deployed Plateau&rsquo;s Learning Management System, which is part of the Plateau Talent Management Suite. <br />

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