Plateau Named a Leader in Integrated Performance

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<strong>Arlington, Va. &mdash; Jan. 23</strong><br />Plateau Systems, a leading provider of talent management software, content and services, announced it was named a leader in the recently updated &ldquo;Forrester Q3 2007, Integrated Performance and Compensation Solutions Wave&rdquo; report. Plateau was among the select companies that Forrester invited to participate in this Wave and was recognized as a leader for its integrated performance and compensation solution and for its stand-alone performance management solution.<br /> <br />After evaluating several talent management solutions across 95 specific performance and compensation criteria, Forrester found that Plateau Systems &ldquo;established early integrated performance and compensation leadership, thanks to their depth of functionality.&rdquo; Forrester acknowledged in the report that learning vendors, like Plateau, provide strong performance and compensation solutions and that with its &ldquo;history in learning and Plateau&rsquo;s well-defined forward looking strategy, [it] has a leg up in career development planning, and [they] are good options for companies with a strong emphasis on integrating learning into their overall talent management strategy.&rdquo;<br /> <br />The report stated that &ldquo;performance and compensation is the linchpin of strategic HR&rdquo; because &ldquo;performance management and compensation solutions enable the measurement and alignment of individual and team goals to corporate goals.&rdquo;  Forrester further highlighted the importance of an integrated approach stating &ldquo;without complete visibility, it is very difficult to assess the overall strengths and weaknesses of your workforce and potential gaps that will affect productivity, forecast future needs, and ultimately measure the bottom-line results of performance and compensation systems.&rdquo;<br /> <br />&ldquo;Forrester&rsquo;s research highlights the value and importance of integration and transparency as it relates not only to performance and compensation management, but to the broader talent management market as well,&rdquo; said Paul Sparta, CEO of Plateau Systems. &ldquo;While there is certainly an important connection between performance and compensation, the relationship and intersection points between performance and learning management are even more profound. Organizations looking to capitalize on and maximize employee productivity and performance must have a cohesive solution that allows them to identify, train, align, assess, reward and deploy their talent in a way that supports the achievement of broader corporate goals. As a recognized leader in this market, Plateau is committed to driving real business results for our customers by delivering complete solutions that enable this full lifecycle approach to talent management.&rdquo; <br /><br />Earlier this month, Bersin & Associates, a leading research and advisory firm solely focused on What Works in enterprise learning and talent management, awarded Plateau the highest possible scores for Customer Satisfaction and Completeness of Vision in its &ldquo;Talent Management Suites: Market Realities, Implementation Experiences, and Vendor Profiles&rdquo; research report. <br />

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