Plateau Extends iContent Offerings With 3 Partners

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Arlington, Va. — Aug. 7
Plateau Systems, a provider of talent management software, services and solutions, announced the expansion of its iContent solution offerings, adding three new partners: Martec International, StarQuest Online and NIIT.

These partners bring new retail, sales, customer service, leadership and information technology titles to the iContent catalog and enable the creation of specialized custom-content for unique training needs. With these new partnerships, iContent now offers more than 30,000 talent management assets that span a broad range of business, technology and leadership development topics, as well as custom content.

With iContent, users can procure talent management materials from a wide range of vendors; accelerate content integration to deliver custom and third-party content faster and with little to no administrative headaches; and securely manage all custom and off-the-shelf content in a central location. By providing organizations with a single place to buy, manage and store third-party and custom developed content, iContent speeds the availability and delivery of the content while simultaneously decreasing the time and labor costs associated with managing and storing it.

More than 40 customers across the globe and within every major industry are using iContent to make custom and prepackaged learning and training material available to their users. Major global organizations, including Royal Ahold, Mercury Marine and CA, are using iContent to support both internal and external training and development needs.

Martec International is a consulting and training practice specializing in retail sales training, including buying and merchandising, supply chain and store operations. In the United States, Martec markets predeveloped e-learning programs in conjunction with the National Retail Foundation’s (NRF) University, Wired. Martec’s training materials leverage the expertise of consultants who are former retailers and the courses they develop are based on real-world experience in retailing and retail technology.

Delivering this content through iContent will make Martec’s courses accessible to a broader user base and will enable those in the retail industry to strengthen sales techniques and extend market knowledge to increase sales. For a limited time, organizations can register for a free 30-day trial of the iContent/Martec solution. During this trial, users can access a variety of training titles including “Solution Selling,” “Buying and Merchandising” and “Understanding Retail.”

StarQuest Online, a division of StarQuest Learning Systems Inc., provides blended e-Learning solutions that develop people in the areas of leadership and management development, sales effectiveness and customer service. The StarQuest blended design combines the latest educational technology with robust reinforcement guides and tools for managers and trainers to facilitate discussions with their team members.

This blend results in more learning, faster, with better retention of knowledge and greater returns on investment. Through the partnership, iContent users from across industries will have access to StarQuest’s course offerings ranging from change management and business strategy and leadership, to customer service and team development.

NIIT is a multinational IT learning solutions company which specializes in IT education and training through cutting-edge instructional design methodologies and curricula development. Through their iContent partnership, Plateau will collaborate with NIIT to help iContent users with their custom content development needs. With more than 20 years of experience developing custom courses in various subjects for global customers in a wide range of industries, including IT, sales, insurance, medicine and concrete construction, NIIT will work with iContent users to design and create specialized content for their unique learning environments.

“With the creation and consumption of custom and prepackaged content increasing and becoming more ubiquitous, integrating and managing that content continues to be one of the largest challenges for both learning and IT departments across organizations of all sizes,” said Lee Wright, senior director of services for iContent at Plateau.

“iContent is off-loading this significant administrative burden by assuming the end-to-end management of the entire content procurement and administration process. Alleviating this headache and reducing the time and cost organizations are spending managing what amounts to content chaos allows organizations to shift their focus, time and budgets to other strategic initiatives within their organization.”

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