Plateau Aligns with Verizon Business

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<p><strong>Arlington, Va. &mdash; April 17</strong><br />This week at the SaaScon conference in Silicon Valley, Plateau Systems, a provider of software for developing, managing, rewarding and optimizing organizational skills and talent, announced an expanded relationship with Verizon Business. </p><p>Under the agreement, Verizon Business will provide increased bandwidth, scalable and reliable hosting and global content distribution to support the growing demand for Plateau&rsquo;s on-demand talent management applications and iContent offering, a solution for procuring, distributing, hosting, and managing custom and third-party talent management content.</p><p>&ldquo;With Verizon Business IP Application Hosting, Plateau is meeting the increased customer demand for its distance learning, blended learning, as well as it&rsquo;s on-demand Business Edition offerings and managed services offerings for iContent,&rdquo; said Chris Gesell, Verizon Business director of IT solutions product marketing. &ldquo;As more organizations move toward SaaS models, similar to what Plateau has pioneered in the talent management market, we expect to see an increase in bandwidth, hosting and storage needs from our customers.&rdquo; </p><p>Content integration and administration remain two of the biggest challenges facing organizations today. &nbsp;</p><p>iContent cost-effectively addresses these challenges by integrating packaged and custom content and hosting and deploying it to users globally over a secure and scalable content distribution network. &nbsp;</p><p>Providing a single place to locate, store and deliver thousands of packaged content offerings from providers, as well as custom content, iContent allows organizations to accelerate the availability and delivery of content to end-users and saves them time and money by reducing the costs associated with administering and storing content. &nbsp;</p><p>Verizon Business IP Application Hosting services are part of Plateau&rsquo;s strategy to meet growing global demands for its hosting and managed services offerings, which support iContent. </p><p>Underpinned by Verizon Business and powered by Akamai&rsquo;s Web Application Accelerator solution, iContent&rsquo;s scalable and reliable content distribution network (CDN) ensures optimal application performance for distributed end-users across an organization. </p><p>&ldquo;Plateau&rsquo;s hosted and managed services offerings are driving triple-digit demand for increased bandwidth,&quot; said Shelly Heiden, Plateau executive vice president of global operations. &quot;With Verizon Business supporting this critical need, we are able to expand into new markets, grow our business offerings and maintain our position as the leading provider of SaaS offerings in the talent management space. </p><p>&quot;Over the past year, we have seen a marked increase in customers selecting SaaS subscription models for their content and talent management solutions. With the rapid growth in the iContent customer base, Plateau remains committed to investing in delivering the industry&rsquo;s most scalable, comprehensive, and cost-effective solution for simplifying and expediting content procurement, deployment and management.&rdquo;</p>

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