Planet3 to Release Wireless# Certification

The Planet3 Wireless-operated Certified Wireless Networking Professional (CWNP) program will add a new certification designed for novices. The Wireless# (or “Wireless Sharp”) credential will enter its beta phase on Oct. 24, and the final exam is scheduled for release on Jan. 2, 2006, said Kevin Sandlin, co-founder and CEO of Planet3 Wireless.

“This is meant for true newbies to the industry: folks who want to start off at a very basic level of knowledge of wireless data, all of today’s most-used formats and application of those technologies,” he said. “The audience that we’re aiming at here is computer technicians, technical support personnel and those who are recommending or selling wireless solutions. Those are the people who need to be able to talk the talk in wireless, but either aren’t engineers yet or are taking a different path in their career and need to know about wireless. We also cover—not in as much detail—RFID (radio frequency identification) and Voice-over wireless LAN. Those are applications of wireless, and the person taking this exam needs to be familiar with them.”

The Wireless# certification covers Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, WiMax, ZigBee or Infrared topics, which includes standards, operations and circumstances. For now, the credential is not directly connected to other CWNP certifications, Sandlin said. “We’re not going to rule out that someday this could be a prerequisite to the CWNA, but it really is stand-alone. We go deep into Wi-Fi with all of our other certifications, but none of those mention—except in passing—Bluetooth, WiMax,…



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