Plan Network and Application Services

These questions are based on 70-647: PRO: Windows Server 2008, Enterprise Administrator
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Objective: Plan network and application services.
Sub-objective: Plan for name resolution and IP addressing.

Multiple-answer, multiple-choice

You are the network administrator of your company. The company has a main office and three branch offices. The company’s network consists of a single Active Directory domain. You are required to recommend a DHCP addressing solution for all offices. Your recommendation must ensure all clients in the network can automatically obtain IP addresses in the event that a single DHCP server fails, even if the failure occurs after business hours. You must also minimize network traffic between the four offices.

What two methods can you recommend? (Choose two. Each correct answer represents a complete solution.)

  1. Configure a DHCP relay agent in each office.
  2. Configure a split scope.
  3. Configure a standby DHCP server in each office.
  4. Configure a DHCP Server service on a failover cluster.

B. Configure a split scope
D. Configure a DHCP Server service on a failover cluster

You should recommend configuring a split scope or configuring DHCP Servers on a failover cluster. The DHCP Server service in Windows Server 2008 is a cluster-aware application; using clustering support for DHCP is a local method of implementing DHCP server failover to achieve greater fault tolerance. Installing a DHCP instance on a failover cluster is useful when DHCP relay is not supported on your network…



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