First ITIL V3 Intermediate Courses Offered

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<strong>Toronto &mdash; Aug. 26</strong><br />Pink Elephant is set to become the first authorized ITIL education provider to publicly offer ITIL V3 Intermediate courses starting this November in Toronto. <br /> <br />For ITIL V3 Foundations certified practitioners, the ITIL Intermediates offer more advanced, role-based training with a focus on specific clusters of processes and functions. The benefit of these courses is they provide a better, richer understanding of the ITIL best practices that relate to different areas of IT service and support. <br /> <br />Pink Elephant will offer the first two intermediate courses on the following dates:<br /> <br />&ldquo;ITIL Intermediate: Operational Support & Analysis:&rdquo; Nov. 3-7 in Toronto and Dec. 1-5 in Washington. The course focuses on event, incident, request fulfillment, problem and access management. The following functions are included: service desk, technical, it operations, and applications management.<br /> <br />&ldquo;ITIL Intermediate: Release, Control & Validation:&rdquo; Nov. 17-21 in Toronto and Dec. 8-12 in Washington. The course focuses on change, release and deployment, validation and testing, service asset and configuration, knowledge, request fulfillment and service evaluation management.<br /> <br />An ITIL Intermediate Certificate is awarded upon achieving a grade of at least 70 percent on a 90-minute, eight-question multiple choice exam. Successful exam candidates also qualify to receive four (4) ITIL V3 credits per course toward the 22 required to attain the ITIL Expert qualification. <br /> <br />The forthcoming courses are two of four in the &ldquo;ITIL Intermediate &ndash; Service Capability&rdquo; stream. The remaining two, Planning, Protection & Optimization and Service Offerings & Agreements will be launched in February 2009 at Pink Elephant&rsquo;s 13th Annual IT Service Management Conference, along with continual service improvement (CSI), the first of five courses in the Service Lifecycle stream. CSI is a four-day course and grants three (3) ITIL V3 credits. <br />

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