Physical (Environmental) Security

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Questions derived from the CISSP – CISSP ISC2 Self-Test Software Practice Test.


Objective: Physical (Environmental) Security
SubObjective: Support the implementation and operation of operations/facility security


Item Number: CISSP.8.4.18
Single Answer, Multiple Choice


Which characteristic is NOT evaluated by the biometric system performing a hand geometry scan?



  1. Ridge endings
  2. Width of the hand
  3. Width of the fingers
  4. Length of the fingers


A. Ridge endings


A biometric system performing a hand geometry scan will not evaluate the ridge endings on fingers. Ridge endings and bifurcations on fingers are evaluated by a fingerprint scan biometric system and not by a hand geometry scan biometric system.


A biometric system performing a hand geometry scan will identify characteristics, such as the shape of a person’s hand and the length and width of the fingers and the hand, to authenticate a user. The system compares the attributes provided by a user to the reference records that were gathered during the enrollment phase. If the attributes match, the user is granted access. Hand geometry scan-based biometric systems can either use the mechanical or the image detection technique to authenticate user credentials. Both of the methods verify hand attributes of a user for authentication purposes.


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