PGP Corporation and Fidelis Security Systems to Offer Comprehensive Data Protection Solution

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Menlo Park, Calif. — July 8

PGP Corporation, a global enterprise data protection company, and Fidelis Security Systems, specializing in next-generation data leakage prevention (DLP) solutions, announced a strategic technology relationship to address the growing market demand for a comprehensive data protection solution combining network DLP and enterprise data encryption technologies.

Today’s powerful DLP technologies detect a broad range of sensitive information and critical intellectual property, allowing organizations to stop potential data breaches from occurring before data leaves their network. Similarly, organizations are increasingly turning to comprehensive data encryption solutions to protect information as it travels between devices within and across corporate boundaries. But in today’s world, where data is the new currency and constantly flowing between internal organizations, customers and supply-chain partners, stopping data flow interrupts business continuity and affects business loss. Customers need an integrated solution that understands not only when sensitive information must be blocked, but when it must be released — and how to protect it when it is.

PGP Corporation and Fidelis Security Systems have aligned to provide an integrated solution that enforces encryption through configurable data security policies. This best-of-breed offering combines Fidelis Security’s network data detection with PGP Corporation’s enterprise platform and e-mail security solutions, including file and e-mail encryption, enabling security officers to precisely designate which content should be encrypted, blocked or logged for review. Unlike stand-alone encryption solutions that rely on users to press a “send secure” button in their e-mail client, the combination of PGP Universal Gateway Email with the Fidelis XPS Mail appliance provides customers with a “content-aware” solution that secures e-mail automatically, based on content, ensuring that business processes continue while the business stays protected.

Additionally, Fidelis Security Systems has built awareness of PGP Corporation’s encryption formats into the unique inspection engine of their Fidelis XPS Direct appliance. Security administrators can now defend against the use of unauthorized encryption products, which may be used to hide sensitive data leaving the organization. With this joint solution, customers can create a corporate encryption policy based on PGP technology and block unauthorized and unrecoverable encryption across all network ports and all protocols simultaneously.

“We are looking forward to the technology advantages and the market opportunities that this partnership provides both joint customers and our respective companies,” said Steven Schoenfeld, vice president of products and strategy at PGP Corporation. “From a technology perspective, we are unifying policy between DLP and encryption and providing a higher standard of data protection for our customers. From a business growth perspective, each company is expanding their market reach — leveraging PGP Corporation’s strength in the enterprise and Fidelis’ strength in the public sector market.”

“Our partnership and integration with a trusted brand such as PGP Corporation enables us to further our mission of providing best-of-breed DLP technologies that protect data at the end point and across the network,” said Gene Savchuk, CTO at Fidelis Security Systems.

“Additionally, as Fidelis and PGP Corporation are both validated partners of IBM Data Security Services, we are helping our joint channel bring deeper, integrated data security solutions to market,” Savchuk said.

A joint configuration guide for customers looking to integrate the combined technologies is available from PGP Corporation and Fidelis Security Systems.

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