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<p><strong>Mountain View, Calif. &mdash; June 13</strong><br />Durham, N.C.-based Perago Learning Solutions Inc. has selected SumTotal Systems Inc., a global provider of talent and learning management solutions, to deliver sales education via mobile devices to Perago&#39;s partners and staff. </p><p>To accomplish this, Perago has tapped ResultsOnDemand, SumTotal&#39;s software-as-a-service (SaaS) model for analyzing performance and delivering learning.<br /><br />&quot;Perago provides custom learning content, as well as integration and consulting services that help our clients extend the reach of their learning offerings,&quot; said Tristan L. Evans, Perago Learning Solutions president. &quot;With ResultsOnDemand, we can now manage a broad range of learning offerings, even those delivered via hand-held devices in one integrated system. </p><p>&quot;We deliver sales courses and product information that teach our partners and employees the best ways to promote and support our products and services. I guess you could say we&#39;re finally practicing what we&#39;ve been preaching.&quot;<br /><br />For its internal and partner learning, Perago relies on a mobile platform that links to ResultsOnDemand to synchronize the delivery and tracking of sales education. </p><p>Using ResultsOnDemand, Evans said he can deliver learning exclusively to staff or serve up content tailored to partners or customers.<br /><br />&quot;SumTotal has been very forward-thinking about the man&nbsp; possible modes of learning delivery, which gives us the agility to deliver learning when and how and to whom we want,&quot; Evans said. &quot;The effort SumTotal has put into listening to its customers and the many ways those customers deliver learning activities to their staff has resulted in a product with an integration tool, which made it easy for us to set up and synchronize ResultsOnDemand with our mobile learning platform. As a small shop, we don&#39;t want our employees to have to access multiple platforms to find learning, take courses and record the results.&quot;</p><p>Jon Ciampi, SumTotal vice president of marketing, agreed.</p><p>&quot;Perago is using ResultsOnDemand in a unique way, which speaks to its ingenuity, as well as the flexibility of our platform,&quot; Ciampi said. &quot;We believe it&#39;s important to develop our technology to support the impromptu way many employees learn to do their jobs, including the use of expertise location, podcasts, blogs, simulation and gaming. </p><p>&quot;Developing ResultsOnDemand to support the way our customers want to learn epitomizes learning on-demand. ResultsOnDemand also offers our customers hassle-free upgrades, support and maintenance.&quot;</p>

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