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<strong>Arlington Heights, Ill. &mdash; Jan. 15</strong><br />PeopleFilter Technology, developers of the PeopleFilter applicant tracking system (ATS) and related sourcing and recruiting solutions, unveiled a revolutionary approach to engaging job candidates known as Amplify for HR. This offering that enables organizations to pervasively &ldquo;market&rdquo; themselves to their job candidates includes ready access to the Amplify for HR network, which is compromised of more than 30,000 Web sites. Featured in the Amplify for HR network are popular destinations such as BusinessWeek Online,,, and Facebook.<br /><br />Kevin Harrison, president of PeopleFilter, shared, &ldquo;The best way to explain the power of Amplify for HR is through an example. Let&rsquo;s say that the ABC Corporation is a small but rapidly growing professional services firm with over 50 open job requisitions. While they&rsquo;ve accumulated more than 25,000 candidate records in an applicant tracking system, they&rsquo;re not converting enough of these individuals into hires, plus it&rsquo;s getting harder and more expensive to source new, qualified candidates. By using Amplify for HR, they create an e-mail campaign and send it to their entire talent pool or a targeted portion, which prompts candidates to visit their career site and consider applying or making a referral for a job posting. If that email campaign is not &lsquo;Amplified,&rsquo; then ABC Company will only reach the typical low-percentage that click on the link immediately.  But what about the large number of people that will read the e-mail, possibly even intending to do something about it later, but never do? Amplify for HR re-<br />connects the company with that audience.&rdquo;<br /><br />He continued, &ldquo;Now, as these individuals conduct their normal Web visits to popular sites such as Facebook and other online publications, Amplify for HR recognizes them as ABC Corporation&rsquo;s job candidate. The system substitutes an ad on the page they&rsquo;re visiting with a targeted banner promoting ABC as an employer of choice. Amplify for HR is the ultimate use of the Web to deliver frequent and personalized messaging to your job seekers to make sure that your organization is top-of-mind with them.&rdquo;<br /><br />The Amplify for HR banner ads cost pennies each, yet have the ability to further engage and advance candidates in the hiring pipeline. Noninvasive, Amplify for HR uses non-tracking cookies that contain no private data on the respective job seeker and do not track any Internet activity beyond the hiring company&rsquo;s own Web pages. On average, candidates are expected to be served 25 to 30 banner ads within a 30-day period. The system can be triggered via e-mail, as described in the example, or it can be triggered from a Web page. Advanced users can incorporate dynamic text and images in the banner ads, which are driven by candidate&rsquo;s behavior while visiting the career site.<br /> <br />With the race for talent continuing to escalate, more organizations need to turn to creative, yet comprehensive, recruiting tactics to garner the attention of desirable candidates. Given the uniqueness of Amplify for HR, PeopleFilter Technology is offering ten complimentary Amplify for HR webcasts during January 2008 to help corporate recruiters, staffing executives and HR professionals learn more about how this valuable offering can help them compete for the best talent. <br />

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