Pearson Launches Browser-Based Cert Flash Cards

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Indianapolis — Jan. 7
Pearson announced the release of its new browser-based electronic flash card engine,, an application that helps users practice for IT certification exams.

“The new Cert Flash Cards Online application from Pearson takes the old-school concept of paper flash cards that we all used to memorize our multiplication tables and updates it for the digital age and the technical certification market.”

Launching with multiple products on CompTIA, Microsoft and Cisco certifications, the custom flash-card application, loaded with more than 250 questions per exam, tests users’ skills and improves their retention of exam topics. Cert Flash Cards Online also allows users to get all-important information at a glance, helping focus on areas of weakness.

Available in both desktop and mobile device format, these fact-filled flash cards allow users to test at home, work or on-the-go. This new certification preparation tool, Cert Flash Cards Online, along with Cert Prep Online, is available through InformIT.

Cert Flash Cards Online questions are organized by exam objective, allowing users to focus on selected topics. Users can choose to view cards in order or at random and create custom sets from the entire bank of cards. The electronic flash-card engine allows users to purchase “flash packs” that are tailored to specific certification exams.

Once a question set is chosen, users view questions, enter answers and receive an immediate evaluation. The engine provides the ability to mark each question correct or incorrect and provides a detailed score report by category at the end of the exam. If they answered incorrectly, they are able to view correct answers, as well as full explanations. Notes can even be written on each question and printed out for later review.

“In today’s environmentally conscious digital society, it makes sense for certification candidates to use electronic flash cards instead of those made from paper,” said Tim Warner, product editor for Cert Flash Cards Online and host of the InformIT Certification Reference Guide. “Most folks carry a laptop or a Web-browser-enabled mobile phone or PDA, so why not save some trees by using the online Cert Flash Cards?”

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