PDI’s TalentView of Potential Joins Family

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<strong>Minneapolis &mdash; Oct. 9</strong><br />Personnel Decisions International (PDI) announces the addition of TalentView of Potential to its TalentView family of offerings. <br /><br />The TalentView assessment products allow organizations to make better talent decisions with greater impact on organizational success than ever. <br /><br />TalentView of Potential offers a cost-effective way to measure the potential of individuals to successfully advance to more senior leadership roles or positions.<br /><br />TalentView of Potential is built on decades of research and leverages insight gained from assessing thousands of leaders from hundreds of the world&rsquo;s top organizations. <br /><br />TalentView of Potential uses Web-based assessment tools to provide a comprehensive view of potential that draws from an individual&rsquo;s problem solving and behavioral predispositions, as well as his or her experience, career goals and motivations.<br /><br />&ldquo;By using TalentView of Potential, organizations are able to make accurate, more cost-effective talent decisions regarding selection, development and promotion of high-potential individuals,&rdquo; said Cindy Marsh, Ph.D., PDI president and chief operating officer. &ldquo;Success rates for promotions improve and promoted individuals make greater contributions sooner.&rdquo;<br /> <br />The TalentView family adds to PDI&rsquo;s arsenal of comprehensive measures of talent in four key areas: performance, potential, readiness and fit. <br /><br />TalentView of Performance, which accurately measures performance in a standardized manner and allows organizations to validly compare employees across the company, won Human Resource Executive&rsquo;s Product of the Year distinction in 2006. <br /><br />TalentView of Readiness, a powerful assessment tool measuring an individual&rsquo;s readiness for a first-level leader position in manufacturing firms is in development and will be released later this year.<br /><br />&ldquo;Accurate identification of high potentials is a critical step in determining whether the quality and quantity of an organization&rsquo;s talent pipeline is sufficient in meeting business needs,&rdquo; said R.J. Heckman, PDI vice president of talent management products. &ldquo;As businesses are increasingly differentiated by their talent, and as talent competition grows fiercer, companies have increased pressure to identify and leverage those individuals already on the payroll that possess the potential to fill leadership roles in the future. <br /><br />”TalentView of Potential takes the guesswork out of predicting future success by relying on proven measurement tools that differentiate which employees will succeed at higher levels.&rdquo;

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