Competency Framework Designed for Retail Industry

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<strong>Minneapolis &mdash; Oct. 12</strong><br />Personnel Decisions International (PDI), a global HR consulting firm, and SuccessFactors, a provider of on-demand performance management and talent management solutions, have released Performance Framework for Retail SFE a competency model framework specifically designed for retailers.<br /><br />PDI&rsquo;s research-based and field-tested competency models on the SuccessFactors platform provide the foundation that allows retailers to more confidently make better talent decisions.  <br /><br />Performance Framework for Retail SFE combines PDI&rsquo;s in-depth, practical experience in leadership competencies with retail expertise gleaned from some of the world&rsquo;s leading retailers. <br /><br />The offering includes level-specific models that address organizational roles, ranging from cashiers or other hourly employees to store managers through senior level executives. <br /><br />The research and experience that underlies Performance Framework for Retail, SFE powers its response to critical performance measurement concerns in the retail industry.  It also fuels development across all levels of a retail organization, leading to better customer service, employee engagement and business success.<br /><br /><br />&ldquo;Retail organizations have unique talent management business challenges, and wWhen combined with SuccessFactors&rsquo; technology, PDI&rsquo;s Performance Framework for Retail SFE offers the retail industry access to robust competencies in their own language,&rdquo; said R.J. Heckman, Ph.D., Personnel Decisions International general manager and vice president. &ldquo;Performance Framework for Retail SFE is a critical ingredient to improving the quality of talent decisions from the hourly employee to the executive suite.&rdquo;<br /><br />Performance Framework for Retail is available on The SuccessFactors Performance and Talent Management Suite. This suite is built on industry-standard architecture and is composed of distinct capabilities, all of which are fully integrated. <br /><br />Its ease of use and rapid deployment features allow organizations to maximize resources while generating robust, powerful data. The entire suite is highly scalable and modular, allowing customers to add new role-specific modules when they are ready &mdash; on-demand.<br /><br />&ldquo;Retail is a great example of an industry that has employees with widely varying skills and laser focus on the bottom-line,” said Roger Goulart, SuccssFactors vice president of alliances and business development. “Retail organizations with clear objectives and motivated employees typically win, so we&rsquo;re pleased to work with PDI to deliver relevant, industry-specific solutions to make these organizations and its employees more productive, faster.&rdquo;

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