Patersons Global HR and Payroll Unveils Online Community

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<strong>Raleigh, N.C. and Salisbury, U.K. &mdash; March 13 </strong><br />Patersons Global HR and Payroll unveiled its new online community, specifically designed for its customers, partners and prospects. The 24×7 Web-based destination is a one-stop shop to address worldwide HR and payroll requirements, including online global price quotations, online user guides, online access to product information, up-to-date news stories and the ability to network with other global HR and payroll professionals.<br /> <br />Upon entering the site, visitors can easily navigate to one of six options from the main section of the user-friendly welcome page&rsquo;s interface: the community forum, technical support, user guides, marketplace, frequently asked questions or global network sections. The portal&rsquo;s other functionality includes the ability to request a free, country-specific quote; view Patersons&rsquo; global network that includes Europe, U.S. and Asia Pacific; access product-specific details and release bulletins about Logon2, Patersons&rsquo; flagship offering; and examine region-specific responses to the most frequently asked questions about Logon2 HR and Payroll, as well as general HR and payroll questions.<br /> <br />To facilitate networking, Patersons&rsquo; portal features a forum where community members can discuss and share views related to HR and payroll industry issues. Visitors can post a new discussion item or respond to an existing topic. Additionally, the Patersons portal helps visitors keep up-to-date with the latest business publications through a marketplace section that links to<br /> <br />Karen Paterson, CEO of Patersons, welcomed community members saying, &ldquo;Using our network of partners and state-of-the-art software-as-a-service technology, we can support online HR and payroll in every country worldwide. Our aim is to change the expectations of global service delivery, as for too long companies have had to adapt their business processes to suit their HR and payroll vendor, instead of the other way around. Consistent with these objectives, the Patersons portal will also give our prospects, customers and partners a readily accessible destination to get answers to their toughest HR and payroll questions.&rdquo;<br /> <br />Patersons&rsquo; clients and partners seeking access to the portal via a personalized log-in code and password, should click on the &ldquo;Community Website&rdquo; icon at and complete the &ldquo;Request Access&rdquo; form. <br />

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