Uniloc and Reprise Enter Final Negotiations to Integrate Uniloc Patented Device Recognition Software Into Reprise License Manager

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<strong>Irvine, Calif. &mdash; Feb. 26</strong><br />Uniloc USA Inc., a security technology provider specializing in physical device recognition for protecting intellectual property, networks and personal data, and Reprise Software Inc., the fastest-growing company in the software license management industry, announced they have entered final negotiations for licensing and integrating Uniloc patented device recognition software into Reprise License Manager (RLM).<br /><br />Craig Etchegoyen, Uniloc&#39;s founder said, “We are very cautious about who we partner with, especially with respect to our core technology. Reprise represents excellence, creativity and integrity in software development. By integrating our device recognition software with RLM, we expect to offer the market a uniquely secure and flexible license management product.”<br /><br />RLM helps increase end-user customer satisfaction and software vendor revenues through the use of easy-to-implement, flexible license terms automatically included with software shipped to end users. Software vendors specify the license terms given to customers by describing them in an easily-read text certificate protected by a digital signature. Over time, end users&#39; rights can evolve from an initial demo/eval to a purchase of perpetual or time-limited rights, followed by new releases, additional “seats” or copies as well as optional add-on features. In the forthcoming newest release of RLM, an innovative license model allowing use of software only by a select list of named users can be easily implemented. This kind of innovative thinking is among the many characteristics that set RLM apart from older, legacy license managers.<br /><br />Physical Device Fingerprinting is the core technology behind Uniloc technology solutions and is based on the fundamental principle that no two digital devices are identical. The process of physical device recognition starts by generating a digital identity for a device, known as its “Physical Device Fingerprint.” A Physical Device Fingerprint is made up of a combination of machine characteristics and properties that are generated using a set of proprietary algorithms. The Uniloc Physical Device Fingerprinting algorithms allow the unique, reproducible identification of a device with an accuracy greater than 3.4 * 10^38, allowing Uniloc to identify devices with more accuracy than human DNA.<br /><br />RLM, integrated with Uniloc Physical Device Fingerprinting, provides the market with an ultra secure, easy-to-use and flexible license management solution. With each device fingerprinted and recognized, software vendors can account for every license installation and improve targeted features to end users. Matt Christiano, Reprise Software&#39;s founder and president said, “We&#39;re excited that we are moving into final negotiations with Uniloc. Uniloc&#39;s Physical Device Fingerprinting will add the leading patented device recognition software to RLM, giving our customers the best possible solution to license management.”<br /><br />Uniloc and Reprise expect to finalize negotiations in March with general availability of the integrated solution scheduled for summer 2008.<br />

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