Passing Score for PMP Exam Changed

The Project Management Institute (PMI) has lowered the minimum score required to pass its well-known Project Management Professional exam. The revised PMP test, which went live on Sept. 30, had an overall percentage passing point set at 141 correctly answered questions, but lowered that to 106 questions after PMP officials determined the difficulty of the exam exceeded the level of skill it was intended to verify.

Denny Smith, PMI’s manager of certification, emphasized that the adjustment of the passing score is a regular and often necessary process for examinations that have undergone a significant revision. “While we have adjusted the passing score to reflect the increased difficulty of the examination, the pass rate adjustment will not impact the level of preparedness of the professional; rather, it will ensure that they are adequately credentialed to receive the PMP credential,” he said.

The PMP exam was revised to increase the number of situational questions against knowledge-recall items, Smith said. Other non-test related changes involved the application process: That now requires candidates provide documentation on their experience with leading and directing project tasks as well as supervisor information, and also entails a more thorough application review on the part of PMI. “The difficulty factor is evidence of the rigor in the new exam and the lower percentage of people passing the new exam—low 70 percent range as compared to 80 percent with the previous exam,” he explained.

With regards the exam itself, PMI initially launched a test with a passing…



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