Paltalk Enhances Platform to Simplify Experience of the Video Chat Community

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<strong>New York &mdash; May 5</strong><br />Paltalk, the real-time, video-based community with more than 4 million active members, announced the launch of the newest version of its video chat platform. Paltalk v9.7 adds additional features to the existing technology, making it simpler for new users to quickly gain an understanding of the full Paltalk experience.<br /><br />New features of Paltalk v9.7 include: <br /><br /><ul><li><strong>Friend finder: </strong>Paltalk can scan a user&#39;s e-mail address book and locate contacts who are already members of Paltalk, making it even easier to connect with friends via video chat. This is especially important for new users, who will have instant access to friends on the site. </li><li><strong>Auto-launch into a room:</strong> New users will find it easier to navigate throughout the Paltalk community on their first log-in. Users now have the ability to select their favorite category (music, sports, religion, etc.) and automatically enter the most appropriate chat room in that category. </li><li><strong>Paltalk representative identification:</strong> All Paltalk employees are now designated by a watermark and a red header with IM windows to indicate authorized Paltalk representatives. This reinforces Paltalk&#39;s dedication to community safety and to creating a more trusted online environment.</li></ul><br />"We continue to add new features to Paltalk that make it easier for people to connect via video using our platform," said Judy Shapiro, Paltalk&#39;s senior vice president for sales and marketing. "This latest version of Paltalk highlights our commitment to helping new members become quickly integrated within the community."<br /><br />The new innovations included in Paltalk v9.7 add new technologies and increase usability within the company&#39;s already impressive platform, which includes:<br /><br /><ul><li><strong>Free SuperIM: </strong>Paltalk users are able to voice and video chat with up to 10 people simultaneously at no charge. </li><li><strong>Free room when you register:</strong> Every member within Paltalk is able to create a chat room for up to 200 people and invite the Paltalk community to join. Some of the most popular chat rooms within Paltalk revolve around politics, karaoke, sports and religion. </li><li><strong>A bot-free and friendly environment:</strong> Paltalk is a place for real people to connect in a friendly, trusted environment. Utilizing proprietary technology, Paltalk has created a no-bot zone.</li></ul><br />To download and read the most recent reviews, <a href="" target="_blank">click here</a>.<br /> 

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