Outsourcing Security During Tough Times

Security always has been a dicey proposition for companies. And thanks to the tanking economy, it just got worse.

It’s only a matter of time before the frightening economic news that’s sweeping the planet hits you personally. As daily headlines scream about tumbling stock prices and massive job losses, it’s inevitable that your company soon will begin battening down the hatches — if it hasn’t already started.

Assuming you’re lucky enough to keep your job, you will, in all likelihood, be challenged to cut costs any way you can. Although outsourcing always has been a reliable alternative, should you go there? If you’ve got your hands on your company’s security planning and operations, does it make sense to hand over the reins to a third-party provider?

There are a lot of good reasons to say “yes.” Outsourcing lets your company focus on its core competencies as it off-loads functions to specialists capable of leveraging services across a larger base of clients. In theory, it allows for more cost-effective delivery and reduces the risk of losing focus because you’re trying to do too many things.

Security-specific services can be particularly beneficial because of the brutal pace that new threats and tools present themselves. The average company often is hard-pressed to continually train staff and reinvest in capital-intensive security infrastructure projects. Your business is either making widgets or delivering services: Your business plan never said anything about fending off black hat attackers. It may make more sense to let someone else worry…



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