OS X, VoIP Threatened

MessageLabs, a firm that studies patterns in various types of cybercrime, has announced a series of predictions for computer security trends in 2007. These include a significant rise in the number of worms targeting Apple’s Mac OS X, and the emergence of VoIP threats as adoption of the technology increases and criminals target application vulnerabilities.

Paul Wood, MessageLabs senior analyst, said the increase in worms targeting OS X is simply a reflection of it becoming a more popular operating system.

“It’s just by the very nature of the operating system itself becoming much more common,” Wood said. “There are a lot more researchers now looking at OS X and finding vulnerabilities and publishing those without actually going to Apple and saying, ‘We found these bugs.’”

Meanwhile, OS X is looking increasingly viable for cybercriminals.

“Criminals are not going to shift away from targeting Windows as long as it remains such a widely accessible desktop, but there’s certainly nothing stopping them from looking at other alternatives as well,” Wood said.

As for VoIP threats expected to emerge, Wood said there are two sides to this potential problem. The first is VoIP being used by cybercriminals to conduct phishing attacks by telephone.

“VOIP can be configured to spoof the caller ID number, so (cybercriminals) can make calls pretending to be somebody from, say, their bank, where (the target) might recognize the number on the caller ID and then try and conduct kind of a…



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