Organizations Implement Electronic Records Management Using ISO Standards

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Silver Spring, Md. — May 19
AIIM announced it has revised and updated the course material for its electronic records management (ERM) Specialist and Master courses. These courses address the implementation of ERM environments using the implementation approach provided in the global standard for records management, ISO/TR 15489-2:2001.

According to Atle Skjekkeland, AIIM vice president, “Implementing electronic records management solutions is more than introducing technology; it’s more than purchasing software and hoping for the best. Technology should be looked upon as a tool not the solution.”

Skjekkeland continued, “Implementing and establishing an ERM environment requires development of records management processes and controls. It requires creation of records management instruments, change management and communication as the organization moves to an ERM-enabled way of working. ISO/TR 15489-2:2001 recognizes and provides this.”

According to section 8.3 of the standard, such a system should be able to:

  • Document records transactions.
  • Protect physical records and media.
  • Support distributed management of records.
  • Provide for conversion and migration of records.
  • Allow users to access, retrieve and use records.
  • Facilitate retention and disposition of records throughout the life cycle.

In addition, it also argues for a design and implementation methodology so the systems can be implemented uniformly. ISO/TR 15489-2 provides an implementation methodology consisting of the following eight steps:

  • Conduct preliminary investigation.
  • Analyze business activity.
  • Identify requirements for records.
  • Assess existing systems.
  • Identify strategies to satisfy requirements.
  • Design records system.
  • Implement records system.
  • Conduct post-implementation review.

The new and improved AIIM Electronic Records Management (ERM) Certificate Program, available now, thoroughly examines each of the eight steps in great detail reflecting more than a 50 percent change in updates to the program content. These changes are based upon feedback from AIIM’s Education Advisory Groups with of industry experts from different verticals in addition to leading solutions providers, consultants and analysts.

Each of these steps is thoroughly examined and discussed in the courses. You will also receive an ERM Workbook and access to supporting ERM online modules and exams. These will be accompanied by a reference handout that will include a glossary and a list of additional, useful references (such as URLs for software certification scheme Web sites).

You will also gain knowledge on advanced topics including Discovery and Disclosure, Enterprise ERM and Emerging ERM Issues.

The newly revised ERM Certificate Program is available at the Practitioner and Specialist levels to students through instructor led classroom sessions and on-line. The Masters program is available through instructor led classroom sessions that can be scheduled at

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