Orange Dominicana 1st Worldwide to Launch

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<p><strong>San Ramon, Calif. &mdash; June 14</strong><br />Kodiak Networks, a mobile solutions innovator, and Orange Dominicana (Orange), a national telecommunications operator, have announced that Orange has commercially deployed Kodiak Visual Voice SMS across the Dominican Republic (DR). </p><p>This is the first commercial deployment of the Kodiak Networks Visual Voice SMS (VSMS) technology worldwide. </p><p>Orange is now offering VSMS service to its customers throughout the DR.<br /><br />Using the Kodiak Visual Voice SMS application, Orange customers can send one-to-one voice messages from their existing mobile phone to any mobile in the DR by dialing &quot;star&quot; plus the mobile number.&nbsp; </p><p>Voice message delivery is faster and easier than text messaging.<br /><br />VSMS recipients can receive SMS alerts and retrieve messages while in the DR or roaming abroad. </p><p>Messages may be up to 20 seconds in length and are billed on a per-message basis.<br /><br />&ldquo;Kodiak Networks has partnered with Orange Dominicana to bring the innovative VSMS service to the Caribbean wireless market,&rdquo; said F. Craig Farrill, Kodiak Networks president and CEO. &ldquo;The power of the Kodiak Visual Voice SMS application is in its simplicity, speed and use of the spoken word. Hearing a person say a message carries all of the emotional content a simple SMS cannot deliver.&nbsp; Our research has clearly shown that customers place a higher value on VSMS over basic SMS text messaging.&rdquo;</p>

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