Oracle Betas Linux Specialty Cert, Releases 10g

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Oracle has introduced a specialty certification for database administrators managing Oracle 9i on Linux systems. Oracle has also released Oracle 10g, and Oracle University has introduced an assessment and training to go along with the new technology.

The specialty accreditation, Managing Oracle 9i on Linux requires a single exam, #1Z1-036. Database administrators who pass the accreditation exam will get a new certificate that formally recognizes their additional abilities.


An early beta of the exam is running through April 30, 2004, and the official beta will run from May 1 to May 31. The beta exam contains 166 questions, but candidates will only see 155 questions. The exam must be completed within three hours. Those who are interested in taking the beta can register now online with Prometric at Once the discounted beta exam seats ($50) have been filled, registration will be discontinued.


Those who pass exam #1Z1-036 will receive a voucher that can be used to take the Oracle Database 10g: New Features for Administrators beta exam free. Oracle University has recently introduced training and an assessment for the new Oracle 10g Database. The new curriculum includes a two-day DBA training program that will teach technical professionals to install, configure and handle the basic functions of Oracle Database 10g; an additional three-day training program to help develop more advanced skills; two five-day workshops that teach more advanced features; and a five-day “New Features for Administrators” course, which teaches experienced Oracle DBAs how to use the new features within Oracle Database 10g.


DBAs can follow up training with the Oracle Database 10g Assessment (exam #1Z0-041), which evaluates knowledge of basic administration and management of Oracle 10g Database, including installation, configuration, security and performance tuning. The assessment is available online. Those who pass the assessment will be recognized by Oracle University as Oracle Database 10g Adminsitrators.


With the training and assessment in place, certification for database administrators on Oracle Database 10g cannot be far behind. Stay tuned.


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