OpenSUSE Build Service Expands Support to Red Hat and CentOS

<strong>Nuremberg, Germany (Open Source Meets Business Conference) &mdash; Jan. 24</strong><br />The openSUSE Build Service, an innovative framework that provides an infrastructure for software developers to easily create and compile packages for multiple Linux distributions, has extended its support to now build packages for CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The openSUSE Build Service already supports several Linux distributions including openSUSE, Ubuntu, SUSE(R) Linux Enterprise, Debian and others. <br /><br />"As its name suggests, the openSUSE project is committed to choice and opposed to the exclusion of innovation simply because it may have originated in another project," said Michael Loeffler, openSUSE product manager at Novell. "By adding support to build packages for CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the openSUSE Build Service makes it even easier to build packages across multiple Linux distributions, thus further enabling innovative ideas to spread quickly throughout the free and open source software community. As we seek to streamline and improve collaboration between all Linux developers, the openSUSE Build Service continues to innovate and improve the way packages are built by providing a common framework that works with any Linux distribution." <br /><br />Developers who want to provide their software to a broader audience of Linux users often are hampered when packages built for one distribution will not work on other distributions. The openSUSE Build Service is the only open source build system that helps developers provide packages with the same high quality for multiple distributions from the same source code. With the system imaging tool…



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