openSUSE 10.3 Now Available

<strong>Waltham, Mass. &mdash; Oct. 4</strong><br />Novell has announced the availability of openSUSE 10.3, the newest version of the community Linux distribution. <br /><br />Available for free download or in a convenient packaged retail edition, openSUSE 10.3 provides everything a user needs to get started with Linux. <br /><br />To improve the user experience, openSUSE 10.3 includes a flexible Linux-Windows dual-boot configuration, improved user interface, Microsoft Office file compatibility with the latest office productivity suite and enhanced multimedia support.<br /><br />"The openSUSE community continues to deliver innovations and has created a new version of openSUSE that will excite a wide range of computer users," said Andreas Jaeger, director of the openSUSE project. "OpenSUSE 10.3 provides a stable and state-of-the-art operating system based on Linux kernel 2.6.22, and it contains a large variety of the latest open-source applications for desktops, servers and application development."<br /><br />Enhancements to openSUSE 10.3 include the newest versions of the GNOME and KDE desktop environments, including a KDE 4 preview. 2.3 makes sharing files with Microsoft Office users easy, and the newest version of AppArmor protects the Linux operating system and applications from attacks, viruses and malicious applications. <br /><br />OpenSUSE 10.3 also now includes MP3 support out of the box for Banshee and Amarok, which are the default media players in openSUSE. <br /><br />In addition, openSUSE 10.3 offers the latest open-source applications for developing applications, setting up a home network and running a Web server, as well as the latest virtualization software such…



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