Open Source Methodology Paves Way for Systematic Approach to ECM Implementations

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Silver Spring, Md. — May 4
AIIM announced it is using the MIKE2.0 open source implementation methodology as the core organizing principle for its new and improved ECM training program. The MIKE2.0 methodology will be used in both the Specialist and Master tracks as a guide for defining and deploying ECM systems.

MIKE2.0 (Method for an Integrated Knowledge Environment) is an Open Source methodology for Enterprise Information Management that provides a framework for Information Development.

According to Bob Larrivee, AIIM director, “MIKE2.0 is a collaborative effort to help organizations focus on the data and information needs of the business. Many of the business problems faced by organizations today around compliance, lack of customer insight, poor change management and cost are the result of failing to focus on these core data and information needs.

“Using MIKE2.0 as the framework to construct our new ECM training program will help organizations deploy content technologies more efficiently and effectively. The five phases to the MIK2.0 methodology are:

Phase 1 – Business Assessment and Strategy Definition Blueprint
Phase 2 – Technology Assessment and Selection Blueprint
Phase 3 – Information Management Roadmap and Foundation Activities
Phase 4 – Design Incrementally
Phase 5 – Incremental Development, Testing, Deployment and Improvement”

Larrivee continued, “The iterative approach of MIKE2.0 that divides the development and rollout of an entire system into implementation cycles — defining and prioritizing portions of the system for construction and deployment — ensures higher levels of success. Each iterative step has feedback mechanisms to evaluate results and initiate improvements on future implementation cycles, ensuring the project remains focused and delivers the expected results. Successful implementations and user acceptance is what we seek in ECM and what MIKE2.0 delivers.”

For more information about AIIM’s Certificate programs on enterprise content management (ECM), electronic records management (ERM), business process management (BPM), information organization and access (IOA), email management (EMM), and enterprise 2.0 (E20), visit

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