Open Group Launches IT Architect Cert

The IT architect seems to be the new black in information security style: This job role has been a hot topic of discussion of late, and a few certification programs for this position have emerged in the past few months. One notable, recent example is the Open Group, a vendor- and technology-neutral consortium, which announced the launch of its IT Architect Certification program, developed and supported in conjunction with member organizations that include HP and IBM.

Certification for this job role is important in part because IT architects need standards in skills, tasks and expectations. Currently, there isn’t really a clear-cut definition as to what an IT architect is, said Graham Bird, the Open Group’s VP of marketing. “Many individuals would regard themselves as architects: some with justification, and some, we believe, don’t have justification,” he said. “An application or software designer might call themselves an application architect or a software architect. There have been many variations on these labels. It hasn’t been clear. What we’ve done is put a stake in the ground and said, ‘This is what we and our 6,000 members think is a reasonable definition of an IT architect.’”

Bird likens the IT architect concept to the role actual architects plays in the production of buildings. They will develop the plan of a given structure in the abstract, then hand over the construction, electrical, plumbing and other duties to engineers, contractors and specialists. Architects will supervise the overall building process until completion, providing…



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