Open Group Announces New IT Architect Cert Level

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The Open Group, a vendor- and technology-neutral consortium, has unveiled a new level of certification designed to complement its Master Certified IT Architect credential. The organization recently announced the additional certification tier at the start of its IT Architecture Practitioners Conference in Barcelona, Spain.


This new level, titled Certified IT Architect, is intended to serve as recognition for IT architects who might be serving in contributing roles currently but anticipate becoming Master Certified IT Architects once they’ve built up the requisite experience. To obtain the Certified IT Architect, candidates must demonstrate that they are able to perform in contributing roles by offering documented, verifiable evidence that they have two years or more of experience developing IT architectures under supervision. Therefore, they have to submit a CV, which is then reviewed and approved or rejected. After that, candidates are interviewed by a peer panel that can grant or deny the actual certification.


The Open Group Master Certified IT Architect credential, which was released last year, is similarly experienced based and requires no testing whatsoever. Both certifications are based on the Open Group’s Boundaryless Information Flow model, designed to enable access to integrated information within and between enterprises based on open standards and global interoperability. Essentially, it eschews the idea of undertaking any complex IT project on an ad hoc basis and instead holds that there must be an overarching vision that pulls all of the elements of a plan together and stakes out what goes where and when. The organization actually developed this paradigm long before these certifications, or even the current conception of what an IT architect is, came into being.


The initial certification cost for the Certified IT Architect level is $1,250 per individual, the same as the Master Certified IT Architect level. There also are subsequent $175 annual renewal fees, and recertification fees of $625 paid once every three years.


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