OnTheHub Offers Students Deals on Software, Hardware and Electronics

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Ottawa, Ontario — Feb. 13
e-academy Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of the new OnTheHub.com Web site. The Web site was relaunched on Feb. 9 and is geared exclusively to those within the academic community, offering substantial deals on software, hardware and electronics.

The new site consists of one central portal of networked sites that streamlines deals provided to the end-user through the partnership of individual schools, software publishers, resellers and e-academy. The OnTheHub network consists of two different ways to access these deals:

  • The global eStore, which allows users to purchase exclusive software deals and cool gadgets from anywhere throughout the United States.
  • School branded Webstores, where academic members can access exclusive deals specific to their individual school. There are currently more than 10,000 schools enrolled throughout Canada and the United States.

Up until now, e-academy focused exclusively on offering software deals by Microsoft, Adobe, Minitab and SPSS, among others. Due to the growing market requirements that extend outside of software, e-academy has now expanded its product line to include gadgets and electronics at extraordinary discounts.

The ultimate goal for the site is to create a community of shared interests where students, faculty and staff can help shape and improve the site and then with it, the user experience. OnTheHub encourages users to request new products, deals and general suggestions toward how OnTheHub can further assist its community. Users are encouraged to provide requests/feedback through a variety of different methods such as a feedback forum, blog and a page on Facebook.

Gustavo Sanchez, the team leader and product manager of OnTheHub, stated: “We've been working hard to provide the best possible deals for students from K-12 through higher ed. We believe that in order to promote student success, we must be committed to providing value added services. Our goal is to listen closely to what students demand and work hard to meet them. Ultimately, we want this site to be for students, by students.”

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