Online IT Job Market Thriving, CEO says

Positions in IT constitute close to one-fifth of all employment postings on the boards, an online network encompassing thousands of sites for employers and job seekers. That figure was based on an evaluation of’s Web site traffic over six months, which found IT dominated postings of both employers’ openings and job seekers’ resumes.

The findings of this assessment, which also determined the East Coast—especially Washington, D.C.—was a booming region for IT, are not based solely on proportional amounts of listings. “We track ‘hotness,’ so to speak, based on the trends of growth and not necessarily the percentage of job postings,” said Rich Milgram, CEO of the Career Network. “Frankly, the Internet started out a lot more ‘techie’ than did other sectors, so it’s natural that our network of 6,000 sites has some sort of tech focus. We have IT World and some other sites that are pure technology-based content boards.”

Still, Milgram thinks there is considerable employment growth in IT right now, based on the kinds of jobs he’s seen posted to his organization’s network of sites. “I believe there’s growth in IT,” he said. “Usually, it starts with the lower-level jobs—support, help desk—and it hopefully grows from there into the management jobs. Companies are now generating revenue and testing the waters. You don’t test the waters by redesigning your systems or starting large projects. You make sure that you can sell and you make sure that you have the support staff on board.…



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