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As I’ve mentioned before, I get more than my fair share of e-mail. That’s not a complaint; in fact, I encourage all letters to Being in touch with the readership is one of my favorite not-so-secret secrets of editorial success. The media outlet that cuts itself off from its supporters is far from serving its purpose.

Despite the volume and range of my mail call, one topic seems to come through more than any other. It’s phrased many different ways, but the bare essence is this: How do I find quality training?

Good question. That’s not only fair, it’s essential. Certification is a sometimes-arduous, sometimes-expensive process, and unless you want to be the fool soon parted from his or her money, don’t go rushing into any type of training without checking it out thoroughly. The quality training centers and services out there are more than happy to help with this process, and those that won’t … well, isn’t that telling you something right there?

I’m not going to name names – good or bad – in this space. Unless I’ve been a student or consumer for a particular center or product myself, I’m not qualified to rate its value. And even if I have been, what works for my learning style may not work for yours. So it’s an individual process, as I tell the letter-writers seeking advice on a particular product.

So, with those limitations, what good am I? I have 10 ways to answer that, and they’re all waiting for you online.

This month, CertMag author Timothy Warner has put together an article original to the Web site, “10 Tips for Finding Great Training.” It’s a big article with great advice, and I strongly urge you to visit to read it for yourself. It pretty much covers it all, from knowing your career goals to knowing the provider’s credentials, and you’ll get a good sense of which items to check off your list before sending off a check.

But remember, even though there’s valuable advice like this waiting for you, I still want to hear from you as you continue your certified journey. In other words, have a safe career, but don’t forget to write.

Tim Sosbe

Editorial Director


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