On-the-Go Internet Access via BlackJack II

Q: I have an HP laptop with Bluetooth and a Samsung BlackJack II with complete Internet data plan. How do I tie my laptop to my phone for on-the-road Internet access?

– Mark

A: There are two issues involved in the answer to this question. One is the ability to access your e-mail and calendar from your phone, and the other is to achieve broadband Internet access through the cellular network.

With regard to the first issue, it depends on the e‑mail service you use. Windows Mobile, which is the operating system that runs on the Samsung BlackJack II, supports Microsoft and other standard mail services.

If your mail server is a Microsoft exchange, your phone can leverage the Outlook Mobile Access feature, which synchronizes your e-mail, contacts and calendar with your exchange server. It has to be enabled on the server side and uses ActiveSync to perform its operation. You also should be able to connect to a Windows Live (Hotmail) account; you will just need to install a client the first time you add the account.

Additionally, your phone can sync up with other mail servers that support either Post Office Protocol (POP3) or Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) for the incoming mail and SMTP for the outgoing mail. You can set it up manually or use the “Try to get e-mail settings automatically from the Internet” option. There are also downloadable applications for various providers that run on Windows Mobile.

As for the laptop, it will…



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