Omnia Group Unveils New Products: Benchmarking

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Tampa, Fla. — Jan. 17
The Omnia Group Inc., a leader in pre-employment hiring and management systems, launches Omnia Cultural and Generational Index (OCGI) and Workplace Benchmarking. These additions to the company’s product line mean employers now have access to fast, cost-effective options to help successfully retain and motivate multigenerational workers and better align individual business practices with workplace realities.

During the past 22 years, The Omnia Group has provided more than 1 million assessments for business professionals worldwide.

OCGI is an easy-to-read assessment that provides a relevant discussion of an individual’s driving preferences based on four key generational demographics. It provides employers insight into what a potential hire’s cultural and workplace expectations are before hiring. These items often go unsaid
or undiscovered until months after making an offer or promotion, making long-term retention difficult.

“We developed OCGI to give hiring professionals and managers a quick, plain-English report that reflects a person’s key workplace preferences,” said John B. Caswell, CEO of The Omnia Group. “Many organizations experience a disconnect with their employees, and this fails to make everyone engaged
and satisfied. Both sides make assumptions or take for granted they are on the same page. OCGI will help increase the chances for success and create a win-win situation for everyone involved by creating plans for individual motivation and long-term success.”

“For example, an applicant who chronologically fits into Generation X might come from an atypical background. Thus, motivators from the Boomer Generation could be more appealing for this individual, despite his/her age,” he continued.

Workplace Benchmarking was developed to align the needs of the position with the needs of the company. Often, significant gaps appear between the goals of the company, the department, leadership and employees. Workplace Benchmarking identifies those possible areas and provides practical solutions to correct any deficiencies.

“In my experience working with thousands of clients over the years, most are frustrated by the lack of synchronization with their many moving business parts,” said Caswell. “Workplace Benchmarking allows employers to gain an understanding of where each position in the company is headed and how to best align that direction with the company’s mission.”

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