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Feature Articles


Certification Feature
Finding Your Career Coordinates
Neill Hopkins & Jonathan Thatcher
Despite a shortfall of qualified tech workers within IT job roles, employers are becoming more demanding and selective in the search for technology workers. Combining education and certification can help you define your career coordinates within the IT industry.


Job Roles Feature
The Road Less Traveled: How to Become an IT Security Professional
Bobby Rogers

The network security engineer job role can be a double-edged sword: When you’re successful, no one notices, but when you’re unsuccessful, you end up at the center of a sticky situation. Despite the downsides, this job role has become one of the hottest in the industry.

Techniques Feature
Playtime: Learning IT Through Gaming
Cari McLean

Video game technology has long been an educational playground for budding IT pros, so it’s a natural progression that educational video games would enter the IT field. Learn how companies are developing video games to teach employees technology skills.




Tech Careers
Driven to Distraction: To Multitask or Not?
Katherine Spencer Lee

Take a look around, and you’ll see multitasking has become a way of life. But while it’s clear multitasking has become normal on the job, it’s not always clear that performing more than one task simultaneously is advantageous.


Consultant’s Corner
Da Vinci’s Code of Conduct: Lessons from the Master of all Consultants

David Garrett
Da Vinci was one heck of a consultant — he was the ultimate freelance talent, working, as clients called on him, for the Medicis, the Sforzos, popes, French kings and many others. In fact, much of his best work was done on retainer. So what can we learn from da Vinci?


Virtual Village
Product Buzz

Data Stream
News & Notes for Certified Professionals


Round 2 of the IT Talent War

Brian Summerfield
Many industry experts now think we’re either on the verge of another war for talent on the order of what we saw a decade ago, or that we’re already in the midst of it. Given that the IT talent war has a new dynamic, organizations will employ new strategies to attract and keep the top techies.




Hilton Hotels: Training IT Team Members to Succeed
Cari McLean

With more than 500 full-time employees worldwide, Hilton Hotels IT team members are trained continuously not only to meet the specific needs of colleagues inside the organization, but to stay checked into the fast-moving IT industry.


Inside Certification
EMC Proven Professional: Tackling the Ever-Increasing Storage Industry
Alok Shrivastava

As data storage demands increase exponentially, the need for qualified storage professionals also has increased. To address this gap in storage knowledge, EMC has developed the EMC Proven Professional certification.


Specialty Certification
CISSP Management Concentration: Meeting the Demands of Specialized Environments
Anthony T. Baratta

With information security environments growing in size, complexity and specialization, (ISC)2 has responded by creating the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification and its management concentration, the CISSP-Information Systems Security Management Professional Certification.




Editor’s Letter
IT as a Career Choice
Tim Sosbe

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