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Certification Feature
Lockdown! Securing Your Certification
Bob Hunt, Ph.D., J.D. & Jamie Mulkey, Ed.D.
A significant percentage of IT certification tests are affected by some form of cheating or piracy. The data is clear: The sheer number of documented cheating incidents, statistical analyses of test data, Internet monitoring and evaluation of exam preparation materials demonstrate that cheating and piracy in IT certification testing are very real. Most likely, you have come across some form of it too. IT brain-dump Web sites, chat rooms and discussion forums are often littered with protected test material that is shared—and often sold.


Job Roles Feature
IT Architects: Blueprint for a Future Career

Ed Tittel

As IT has matured as both a discipline and an area of employment, the focus on skills and knowledge continues to shift away from pure technology and the nuts-and-bolts of infrastructure design, implementation and management. IT’s role has evolved from a pure, tactical cost center to a nexus of strategic investment and an opportunity for organizations to develop competitive advantages.



Techniques Feature
Data Access, Availability and Recovery
Robert Winding

Data: It’s the reason you have a computer—though the data collected and processed is more valuable than the computer itself. Data loss or compromise could mean the end of your business, destroy your company’s reputation, cost you the ability to process credit cards or result in legal penalties. It often represents an irreplaceable asset. Whatever your business, you should understand the issues regarding data access, availability and recovery, and take appropriate measures to secure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data.




Tech Careers
Eliminating the Stress From Vacation Time
Katherine Specner Lee

The holidays are coming up, and you’ve got some time off, but you’re feeling anything but relaxed. In fact, your stress level has gone through the roof as you prepare to leave the office. You worry about how work will progress while you’re out and who will assume your responsibilities during that time.


Consultant’s Corner
10 Million Reasons to Go Solo

Gene Zaino
Surely you’ve felt it. The pull can be irresistible. The empowerment, the challenge, the money, the month-long vacations—they all swirl together into the American dream: a beckoning image of freedom and wealth that drives hordes of talented professionals toward the lucrative world of career independence.


Virtual Village
Welcome to CertMag’s Virtual Village, Population: You
On an episode of “King of the Hill,” propane salesman extraordinaire Hank Hill gave his son Bobby the following advice about finding success in the working world: “Find what your niche is. That leads to riches.” Although it was a little tongue-in-cheek in the context, that little couplet accurately depicts the current state of information technology and IT certification, which are becoming more specialized around particular technologies and disciplines. Professionals in spheres like security and storage are not only making more money, but also securing their jobs.


Data Stream
Data Stream News & Notes for Certified Professionals


Who’s Afraid of Outsourcing?

Brian Summerfield, Web Editor
Although a great deal of the sound and fury around offshore outsourcing has died down as IT hiring has picked back up, it’s still a subject of concern for many in the industry. Back in June, I wrote about how IT professionals could compete in a globalized labor market. I recently received a question about that column from a reader asking about the kinds of job roles that are sent abroad the most. The short answer is network and system administrators, programmers, and help desk and support staff. It’s not as simple as that, though.




Keith Bridges of EDS: Certification Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg
Kellye Whitney, Associate Editor

How would you train and skill your IT workforce if you had to manage more than 50,000 servers, support more than2.5 million desktops in 60 countries around the world and support clients in the manufacturing, financialservices, health care, communications, energy and transportation industries? If you’re EDS, you do so by leveraging resources from a broad portfolio of information technology and business process outsourcing services that enable management of 350 million-plus customer relationships and more than 2 billion customer interactions annually—in 41 languages.


Inside Certification
HP Presales Certification: A Career Path Alternative
Linda Musthaler

If you enjoy planning and designing information technology systems that solve complex business problems, then your career opportunities might be more plentiful than you thought. IT solution sellers and systems integrators are clamoring for people with broad technical knowledge to help sell integrated solutions to enterprise customers. Perhaps it’s time to consider making a move into a technical presales position.


Specialty Certification
Global Information Assurance Certification: Securing Today and Tomorrow
If someone told me in 1998 that one day I would run one of the most advanced technical security certification programs in the world, I would have laughed in their face. I had been given the offer, but flatly refu

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