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Developer Certifications: Joining the Mainstream
Patrick Von Schlag
Development jobs are increasingly outsourced to workers overseas. To keep afloat, you need to have the tools and skills to do the job right.



Server Management Tools
Ed Tittel
The server is the hub of your organization’s operations. To ensure maximum productivity, administrators must ensure maximum uptime.

Network Tools: User Administration
Douglas Mechaber
For network administrators, having the right tools can make the difference between spending minutes or spending hours making changes to user groups.

Security Tools: Who Are You?
Douglas Schweitzer
Strong authentication guarantees that users are who they say they are. You can get this assurance through biometrics and smart-card technologies.

Tech Tools: Get a Handle on Instant Messaging
Emily Hollis
Instant messaging presents challenges for IT departments. Luckily, several vendors offer tools to manage, monitor and secure this popular technology.



Improving DB2 Universal Database Performance
Roger E. Sanders
IBM’s DB2 Universal Database can be used in simple and complex environments. This month, we’ll help database administrators improve day-to-day performance.

How-To…Get Connected With POP3
Harry Brelsford
E-mail is essential to doing business, but for small businesses, finding the right solution can be challenging. This month, we help you use POP3 with network-based e-mail groups.

Security: Securing Wireless Networks
Uday O. Ali Pabrai
The growth of mobile devices and wireless communication raises brand-new security issues. To deal with the threat, you must develop a wireless security policy.



Tips for Winning a Job in IT Security
Kris Madura
If you want a job in IT security, you have to be devoted to developing your skills. A career-minded approach can help you get started.

PR 101: Getting Credit for Your Work
Katherine Spencer Lee
What would you do if a co-worker got credit for your hard work on a project? We’ve got five steps to help you show off your stuff to the folks upstairs.

MCDST: Defining Excellence
Al Valvano & John Norby
To ensure end users are productive, high-quality help-desk support is a necessity. The Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician was created to address the need.

The CWNP Program: Certifying Wireless Expertise
Kevin Sandlin
Wireless networking is one of the fastest-growing segments in IT. The Certified Wireless Network Professional program provides the skills you need to catch the wireless wave.



Questionable Questions
David Foster, Ph.D.

An Important Time for IT Professionals
John A. Venator

At Last, A Pragmatic Solution
Martin Bean



Editor’s Letter
Tim Sosbe
Positioned for Success


CertMag on the Web

CertMag’s Letters to the Editor

CloseUp: Certified Linux Professional—SUSE and Novell
Ed Tittel
To build its Linux strategy, Novell acquired SuSE Linux. This month, we explore Novell’s SUSE certification.

Project Management Success Factors Part 3: Linking Need to Vision
Elizabeth and Richard Larson
In the third part of this series, we look at how to align projects with business vision.

Certification at Hal-Com
Hal Hanson
Here’s how Hal-Com, an IT support firm, puts potential employees through a rigorous hiring and training process.

Test Yourself on MCSD Exam #70-316
Try your hand at MSCD exam #70-316, a core test for the developer cert.

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